Currently under construction. We will fully open some day.

Visit us @ the IRC channel!
Here are the details to getting there:
Server: Enterthegame (
Channel: #tales

Directions for using/downloading an mIRC client:
1: download it at
2: run the setup file and install
3: run mIRC and at the connect screen, click add,
4: Type in "ETG" for the description
5: for IRC server input: ca2.EnterTheGame.Com (Also try if the Cali server isn't working)
6: Leave port as 6667
7: Type in your nickname
8: hit "Connect"
9: in the box that says "Enter name of channel to join" input #tales (or go into the server window and type: /join #tales
Rules: BEHAVE! or Dwarven justice #9184724 (kick/ban) will fall upon you! (Behaving includes not blurting out spoilers. Use /msg to discuss the plot.)

And for folks that don't want to or can't use an IRC client. (I recommend it so you can also exchange picture files or edit it to your own extent. No mp3 sharing!) You can use the java client that we set up, Our affiliate, "Tales of the Ellipsis" also has a great java cilent for use.

Warning: Do not try to use unsecure CGI:IRC cilents, such as IrcATwork, they're banned on EnterTheGame unfortunately.

Our Java client: (no popup ads) (popup ads, but an easier url to remember)


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